CPA Associates International




CPA Associates International was founded as a global group of first-class quality Public Accountants and accounting offices, being exclusive for one sole market and having members authorized in the principal cities around the globe. CPAAI has offered quality services to its members in 72 countries for over 50 years.

The accountants offices located around the world offer financial, business and tax consultancy services to clients in Pacific Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America. Through this international organization, the professional accountants can provide information, sources, new ideas, advisory services and planning assistance to other members.




We provide our customers with services of the highest quality, based on continuous improvement of our processes and methodologies.





Even when we provide services of the highest quality, we have set as a goal to be accessible to SMEs. As a result, our customers receive an excellent price-value. In addition, our firm offers a full range of services, so it is not necessary to work with numerous consultants and specialists, saving time and money.



Personalized service


All our customers, regardless of size, are important to us. As an independent firm, we respond to the needs of our customers quickly, and offer the most appropriate solutions.